Earth Science Week Blog Reading Strategies Guide

Written by Cassie Soeffing and Liz Burck, IGES

In celebration of Earth Science Week’s theme of Visualizing Earth Systems, NASA scientists, visualizers and others affiliated with NASA Earth science agreed to share their research and expertise in blog posts. Their blogs feature the latest in the creation and scientific utilization of visualizations.

Written for middle and high school student audiences, these blogs are intended for use during Earth Science Week as well as with other related curriculum topics throughout the school year.

Beyond the information they provide, the value of these blogs also lies in the personal stories of scientists engaged in the development of scientific knowledge (a Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) component under Science and Engineering Practices). In addition, the blogs can be used to illustrate other NGSS components such as the nature of science, crosscutting concepts and to address the connections with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy in science and technical subjects.

In the guide are strategies and questions that incorporate both the NGSS and the CCSS. Note that not every question will work with every blog; some blogs discuss how visualizations were created, and some present scientific research in which visualizations were used. It will be important to pre-read the blog and select a strategy to fit your classroom.

Reading Strategies Guide
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