NASA Wavelength is transitioning to a new location on Jan. 30, 2019, read notice »

NASA Wavelength Transition

Since 2012, NASA Wavelength has provided a powerful indexing service offering rich search and discovery of NASA science resources for educators of all levels. NASA Wavelength will be transitioning at the end of 2018 to, and we wanted to give you advance notice of this upcoming change.

What you should do before transitions at the end of 2018:

Be prepared to update links to Wavelength and resources on your website or bookmarks. The Wavelength record URLs will be going away; however, the direct resource links will continue to be available as long as the original websites are available. You may want to make a note of links on your webpages or materials that need to be changed and what resources they currently point to.

Save user lists as PDF files, which include the direct resource links. User lists and any profile information will disappear when Wavelength closes at the end of the year. On any user list page, click “PDF Version” and download the PDF.

As of September 24, 2018, the database at this site will no longer be updated. Watch for the new database on, where you can find the latest NASA science and discoveries related to our Earth, Sun, solar system and universe.