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International Observe the Moon Night

Post by Andrea Jones, Planetary Science Institute at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is an annual worldwide celebration of lunar science and exploration, sponsored by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission and partners. One day each year, everyone on Earth is invited to observe and learn about the Moon and its connection to planetary science, and share personal and community connections we all have to the Moon. In 2017, we are focusing on eclipses, in honor of the total solar eclipse that crossed the United States in August, a lunar eclipse that will occur in January, and past and future eclipses visible around the world. Eclipses are both beautiful to behold, and scientifically interesting. 

This year, International Observe the Moon Night will occur on Saturday, October 28.

We invite you to participate by hosting or participating in an InOMN event!

Check out the map of registered events on If you see an event near you, check it out! If not, you can host your own! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or your whole community to look at and learn about the Moon with you. InOMN events can be any size, from large public events at science centers to backyard gatherings. They do not need to follow a set agenda: you can tailor your event to match your available resources and expertise, and the needs and interests of your audience.

Hosting an InOMN Event
A guide that walks you through the process of planning an InOMN event of any size is available on the InOMN website complete with advertising materials, suggested activities, an InOMN Moon map, evaluation materials, and more.

Wavelength Lesson Ideas: Check out this NASA Wavelength list of suggested hands-on activities to do with families at International Observe the Moon Night events, or with students in preparation for attending an event.

What If It’s Cloudy?
Not to worry! You can still observe the Moon! Check out some beautiful images in the New Moon Rises LRO Camera gallery recently featured at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (also great for printing and displaying at InOMN events – or anytime, anywhere!). Or, explore the Moon through LRO’s Quickmap online interactive, NASA’s Moon Trek, or CosmoQuest’s Moon Mappers.

Join the Conversation
Hear updates, share pictures and highlights from your event, and connect to fellow lunar enthusiasts around the world through @NASAMoon and #observethemoon on Twitter and 2017 International Observe the Moon Night group on Flickr. 

For more information about International Observe the Moon Night, to access resources, and to register your event, visit:

Happy Moon viewing!