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Universe of Learning Science Briefing: January 2018

Created by Brandon Lawton Last updated 1/11/2018

The resources in this list pertain to the presentation given on January 11, 2018, titled, "Live from AAS 2018: The Latest News from NASA Astrophysics".
NASA's Universe of Learning is a program which will integrate NASA's Astrophysics Science Mission Directorate programs, and will advance STEM learning and literacy by creating and delivering a unified suite of education products, programs, and professional development that spans the full spectrum of NASA Astrophysics.
NASA's Universe of Learning is partnering with the Museum Alliance to provide professional development briefings for the informal science education community. These briefings provide current NASA Astrophysics themes, content, and resources to the informal community. These curated lists present the resources described during the briefings. To find the briefings, you can go here:

  • Exhibits/Multimedia: ViewSpace

    ViewSpace is a web-based, self-updating exhibit from NASA’s Universe of Learning, NASA's Earth Observing System, the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Project, the NASA James Webb Space Telescope Project, and the Space Telescope Science Institute. ViewSpace presents the latest discoveries in our quest to understand the universe, from the search for evidence of life beyond Earth to the fundamental understanding of the how the universe works and its ultimate fate. Its beautiful imagery and captivating stories help ViewSpace engage visitors of varying backgrounds and experiences.
  • Visualization: New Orion Visible/IR Flythrough

    As part of NASA's Universe of Learning, the interconnected nature of astrophysics science has allowed astrophysicists to visualize flying through the Orion Nebula in both visible and infrared light. This visualization is based on real data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope.
  • Celebrity Videos: Universe Unplugged

    As part of NASA's Universe of Learning, the IPAC Communications and Education Team is producing a series of short videos on various topics in astronomy featuring Hollywood celebrities. Our goals are to pique general public interest in NASA’s scientific exploration of humanity’s cosmic origins, and provide pathways to further learning opportunities. By partnering with Hollywood, we hope to reach a broad audience, including populations whose participation in STEM are underrepresented.
  • Immersive Experience: Cassiopeia A Supernova

    This simulation is based on a groundbreaking 3D representation of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant, created by astrophysicists, computer scientists, and visualization researchers.
  • 360-Degree Video: An Immersive Visualization of the Galactic Center - YouTube

    A 360-degree movie immerses viewers into a simulation of the center of our Galaxy. This visualization was enabled by data from Chandra and other telescopes and allows viewers to control their own exploration of this region.