Summer Camp Season Supports Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences

Created by NASA Wavelength Last updated 6/20/2018

The excitement is building - summer camp season is now just weeks away. Camp is the perfect environment to investigate the science of nature - to make extended observations, thoroughly analyze components, patiently look for patterns, and deeply question the causes and the effects. The resources below will assist you in working with your campers to examine soil, sunlight, birds, clouds, lakes, seeds, sound, stars, and planets. End the camp experience with these three activities (which can be found at the end of the list below): one emphasizing the interconnections of all Earth systems; another challenging campers to examine their impact on the environment. And, finally, celebrate the science side of camp by making and eating s'mores made in a solar oven! These resources can also support the NGSS disciplinary core ideas of ESS1, ESS2, ESS3, PS2, PS4, LS1, and LS2.

This list supports the following national standards:
Next Generation Science Standards