Humanity's Closest Look at the Sun

Created by NASA Wavelength Last updated 8/9/2018

Scheduled for launch during the summer of 2018 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Parker Solar Probe will head to the Sun – to give humanity the closest-ever observations of a star. Parker Solar Probe will explore and gather data on the Sun’s outer atmosphere - the corona. The data will not only revolutionize our understanding of the corona, but will also improve forecasting of major solar eruptions, and lead to better management of technology on Earth - as well as satellites and astronauts in space. Remind students to watch for updates on the launch over the summer and to read related articles as the mission progresses - to learn more about “the universe and its stars” (NGSS ESS1.A).

This list supports the following national standards:
Next Generation Science Standards

Supports ESS1.A The Universe and Its Stars; and ESS1.B Earth and the Solar System