Science4Girls en Español

Created by Bonnie Meinke Last updated 2/18/2014

  • Astronomia Multi-Onda!

    This Spanish web site explains why we need to study objects in space at many wavelengths. It includes a general overview of what we learn in each part of the spectrum and why we need to send telescopes into space.
    AAAS Benchmarks: 4A/H3, 4F/M8
  • Cronologia del Infrarrojo!

    This Spanish website is a timeline where you can view the past, present and future of Infrared Astronomy. It talks about the different infrared telescopes of the past and present and how they impacted astronomy. It also presents the infrared telescopes planned for future missions and what their contribution will be to the world of astronomy.
    AAAS Benchmarks: 1B/H7
  • IBEX: Explorador de la Frontera Interestelar

    This is a poster that outlines the major mission highlights of the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, mission, a Small Explorer Earth-orbiting spacecraft that is mapping the distant boundary between the solar wind from our Sun and the interstellar medium, the material between the stars. This poster complements other informal education materials related to the IBEX spacecraft. This is a Spanish translation of an English language product, titled IBEX: Exploring The Edge of our Solar System.
    AAAS Benchmarks: 1B/H1, 4A/H3