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    The resources in this list pertain to the presentation given on November 3, 2016, titled, "Frontier Fields: NASA's Great Observatories Team Up to View the Distant Universe".
    NASA's Universe of Learning is a program which will integrate NASA's Astrophysics Science Mission Directorate programs, and will advance STEM learning and literacy by creating and delivering a unified suite of education products, programs, and professional development that spans the full spectrum of NASA Astrophysics.
    NASA's Universe of Learning is partnering with the Museum Alliance to provide professional development briefings for the informal science education community. These briefings provide current NASA Astrophysics themes, content, and resources to the informal community. These curated lists present the resources described during the briefings. To find the briefings, you can go here:

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    These are lessons and activities created by the GPM Education and Outreach team that include GLOBE Program activities or refer to the GLOBE Program more generally.

  • last updated 8/31/2017

    These are resources that have been created by the GPM Education and Outreach team that either use GLOBE Program protocols or refer to the GLOBE Program.

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    Explore our sampler of fun and educational activities for camps and outdoor learning centers from the Wavelength collection. Want more? Try the following keyword searches in Wavelength: "Outdoor" or "Kinesthetic" to find activities best done outside or based on physical activities or browse "Informal Education" and refine your search by categories like middle school programming, high school programming, families, and more.

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