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Physical sciences  
Solar system  
Learning Time:
30 to 45 minutes  
Instructional Strategies:
Computer assisted instruction  
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This is an activity about defining characteristics or features of the planets and their moons. Learners will use the Solar System Update software to complete a worksheet asking them to find the planet and/or moon that matches each listed... (View More)

Audience: Elementary school, Middle school
Materials Cost: Free

This online, interactive activity challenges students to use image and text-based clues to identify solar system objects. This activity has a game-like format during which students collect cards that depict solar system objects such as planets,... (View More)

Solar Supernova is an interactive,computer-based activity that is part of the Space Mysteries series, developed by the Sonoma State University Education and Public Outreach Group. It presents a series of inquiries that allow students to discover how... (View More)

Audience: High school
Materials Cost: Free